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You will receive a $20 Coles Myers gift card for each family member, friend or colleague you refer as long as we install a minimum of 10 downlights at their property.

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We replace your old inefficient halogen downlight globes with energy saving LEDs, FREE OF CHARGE. By replacing your old globes, you will save up to 80% off your lighting electricity usage. **Victorian residents only**
Primsal 6W LED
FREE Supply and Installation
Philips Dimmable
$10.00 Supply and Installation
Emerald Planet
$10.00 Supply and Installation
EcoBulb GU10
$3.00 Supply and Installation
** $30.00 Call out charge if there are less than 10 globes to be replaced **
We are accredited under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme. The VEET Scheme is a State Government Scheme that aims to encourage the uptake of energy efficient technology. The products fitted into your home reduce your energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, creating Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECS). When you assign these VEECs to us, we can trade them through the scheme. This covers the cost of the product and installation, which is why we can afford to offer this service.
Generally, no our LEDs are compatible with most drivers. Our electrician will advise if this is not the case.
Easy Being Green has been the original and arguably the largest Australian energy efficiency operator, organising mass consumer action on energy efficiency. Established in 2004, to date Easy Being Green has provided energy efficient solutions to over 800,000 Australian households and businesses. To learn more about us – feel free to visit Easy Being Green website or phone in.

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