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FAQ How does it work?

What is the offer?

We replace your old downlights with energy saving LEDs, free of charge*. Our LED downlights use eight times less electricity than your existing halogen downlights, and last more than ten time longer before they need replacing. Best of all, they're just as bright as your existing downlights, so there is no need to compromise comfort for energy efficiency.

*for eligible customers, see below for details. Offer applies to Victorian residents only.

What products do we use?

Primsal 6W LED
FREE Supply and Installation
Philips Dimmable
$10.00 Supply and Installation
Emerald Planet
$10.00 Supply and Installation
EcoBulb GU10
$3.00 Supply and Installation
A call out fee of $30 applies for installations of less than 10 downlights.

Why are the LEDs FREE?

We are accredited under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme. The VEET scheme is an initiative of the state government designed to encourage the uptake of energy efficient technology in Victorian homes and businesses. Our products reduce electricity usage and, subsequently, greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions savings generate Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECS), which Easy Being Green then trades through the scheme. VEECS cover most of the cost of the products on offer, meaning we are able to delivery you quality products at a reduced price.

Do I need to change my transformers/drivers?

Generally, no. The LEDs Easy Being Green uses are compatible with the vast majority of transformers that have been installed in the past twenty years. For your peace of mind, our electricians will check that our LEDs are compatible with your transformers before installing new downlights throughout your home.

Who is Easy Being Green?

Established in 2004, Easy Being Green is the original and one of the largest energy efficiency companies in Australia, having provided energy solutions to over 800,000 Australian homes and business.

Through our various projects, we have managed to prevent more than five million tonnes of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere, equivalent to taking around 1.2 million cars off the road.

We don’t believe in just talking about the world’s environmental problems, we get out there and do something about it. By working in partnership with other Australians, Easy Being Green is bringing about real and measurable change.

To find out more, visit our website, or call us on 1300 994 929.

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